Since the invention of the first computer, the loading page has provided us with time and space to be with ourselves and have an unofficial break. Yet, over the years, people have grown to hate the loading page. Today, people have very little patience when waiting for something to load, therefore, society demands faster internet speeds. This is a problem. No means is technology bad for us but our demands to break down the space between us and technology is. If technology progresses at the rate it is going and fulfilling our desires for instant gratification will soon, the loading page will be extinct and will become overwhelmed.The solution to this problem is to change the way we view the loading page. Therefore, The Loading Project was created.

The Loading Project is an online platform that utilizes the concept of the loading page to discuss the importance it has in the space between humans and technology. The platform provides users the chance to test their own patience through the loading challenge. In this challenge the user is asked to see how long can they watch a series of loading screens.

By simply bringing attention to the loading page and asking people to take the loading challenge, people can start to see how important the loading page is. Therefore, the next time they come across a loading page they are reminded that they are in fact human, even if for a few seconds. LOAD MORE